Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Yay! My Hubby is Back

its been 10 lonely nights without my hubby again. In all the 5 years of dating, I've been the one constantly travelling overseas. Things decided to take a real testing turn just after we got married. He's been whisked off to Japan for 2 weeks and then to Dallas for another week! Someone's testing my mettle, and I've never stayed alone at all before this! I must say, the first time when he went to Japan, I was so afraid to be alone at night that I had to leave the lights on and the radio too throughout the nite. When I locked my room door, I could just about 'see' all sorts of shadows playing at the crack below the door.

But now, I'm quite ok. At least I can lull myself to sleep with thoughts of fewer nights alone as the days pass by. SO last night was my LAST night alone.... he's back today! YAY! heh heh, and i think he got me some precious handbags *wink! I don't know which I'm looking forward to more. nah, kidding... not the most exquisite, soft calf leather handbag in the WORLD could replace my hubby *grin

Orite - gotta keep myself busy by actually doing some work till lunch time and I'm off to pick him up.

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