Friday, October 27, 2006


haha! as alwayz, my hubby bought me lots of gifts from his recent trip to Dallas.
- a simply adorable little white bear (bought from a souvenir shop at his TI HQ! *roll my eyes - trust a man to get a gift from his office - where's the romance?)
- a Victoria Secret babydoll night dress in pink! I'm thinking the cut is flattering and maybe I should wear it to a wedding dinner but my hubby objected to that rather vehemently..
- oooOOOOooo a Coach bag.. in a rich tobacco colour - LOVELY choice! erm i do think its a makeup bag coz its rather small, but hubby insists that its a Trendy Hand-bag. Oooeer, okay but I love it!
- a really cool trendy long T-shirt from banana republic
- LOADS of reese peanut buttah chocz..our fav!

here's me with my gifts!

My very first Coach!

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Jo said...

I got started reading up on your blog and couldn't stop!

Eh how come never see you use your Coach bag?