Monday, June 05, 2006

On being alone

My hubby left for Japan yesterday. I sobbed (just a little!) when dropping him off at KL central.

Sigh, i guess absence will make the heart grow fonder. I miss him dreadfully. Thank god for work where I can keep my mind busy on not so important stuff - haha. He has never been overseas for work (unless u count S'pore) and this is a really good break for him. :) Just wish his work period wasnt that long so he could extend and have a little holiday for himself there. Thank you God that he arrived safely. I was so happy when his phone call came at 6.11am this morning. I kept imagining the worst throughout the night, I dont know why my mind works this way. Thinking of the worse scenarios and making myself miserable - am i addicted to depression? hmmm.. my hubby always calls me a drama queen - how right he is.

I wonder how singles go thru their lives? I have many single colleagues - my company is abundant with them!. Most of them are busy with various things in their life- family, friends, etc. I can't imagine myself being single, but then again if I was, I'd probly have found a way to survive - keeping myself contantly busy and maybe my bunch of friends would be larger and not dwindling as it is now.

BUT, nothing beats coming home, planning dinner, cooking it and knowing that my hubby would be back soon to enjoy it. :) yeap he does enjoy my cooking.

In conclusion, i think my lesson for today is "Your life is meant to be shared with the people you love."

I wish everyone out there the best, where every moment of their lives will be filled with loved ones, coz you only grow with love when you're living your life for someone and not yourself.


Edwin Lim said...

Hey wifey,
gotta love you for everything you've done for me. you're right, I love your cooking and nothing beats having a nice home cooked meal with you. Not even sushi, sashimi or kobe beef... slurp.

Love hubby..

Papar said...

It just makes me happy to see happy couples, Wish you both the best in life.