Tuesday, May 09, 2006

My Hubby!

Hi there! This is my very first blog entry... I've never understood the craze with blogging and always wondered what is was all about that teenagers and adults alike go blogging and talk blogging... until I read a blog of my fren's. hmm i must say, the blogging bug may have stuck on me! Its really fun to read blogs! I guess its a channel for people to channel their opinions and have it actually 'published' haha. cheap trills but nevertheless, harmless (to a certain degree) and fun!

yikes, this is way off my original topic. My hubby, the love of my life *goofy smile*
We just got married barely 2 months and I can;t believe how fast time flies! Its like it passed even before I realised it did. I guess many events in life are like that. The planning, anticipation etc builds up towards the day of the actual event and when its over, its over!

I must say, I am one happily married girl ( or woman but that kinda sounds old. I still refer to myself as a Ms. shhhh...) To my hubby, you're the greatest. I know how you detest doing the dishes, throwing the rubbish way back where its stinky and rats glare at you with their beady eyes, sharing the laundry load, having to clean up your own sweat -wet futsal gear - haha ( I will try to do that for you but that would mean i approve of futsal so....) but you still do it!

You're right behind taking one of your famous "short naps" ? Have happy dreams where dishes wash themselves and rubbish bags are never filled..

to us, to our future where the grass is always green and the skies are always blue.

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pH7 said...

Wow, ML, that was so well written, simple yet very meaningful and touching:). HUGZ! Although we've been colleagues and friends for only almost 2 years, I actually 'feel' for you:)...still can remember your wedding moments (especially parts where I got teary, hehe). Really happy for you and Ed:)...I'm no fortune teller but I know that both of you are meant to be and will lead a wonderful life together:):):)...Happy 2 Months 'Anniversary', hihi! Here's a super, duper, gigantic hug for you..SQUEEEEEEEZZZEEEE...;).