Monday, October 13, 2008

Corn & Wintermelon Soup

I've been cooking almost everyday last week. MY and I were on a 'diet feast!' Talk about oxymorons...

I'll post the whole diet programme one day when we go thru it again coz Hubs took the camera while he was away so I couldnt snap any pics of all my lovely meals :( Boo.

The diet programme allows us to have limitless amounts of vegetable soup to help us through. So we cracked our brains to come up with different types of soups so we wouldnt get bored. Plus its best to work with different vegetables so we don't miss out on a balanced meal.

The soups were the hilight of our grey gloomy days - Nothing beats slurping a hearty, hot bowl of soup when the main meals of the day were just cold fruits or banana & milk.. Man, after this diet, you'll realise how much we rely on food to keep us happy.

Anyway, 2 keeper soups from our brainstorming.

1. Corn & Wintermelon Soup. (I'll post the next one soon)

Beautiful isnt it?
Aren't soups just the best? basically you don't really need to measure your ingredients. So for lazy people, this is great! You can just about dump anything in. You can't go wrong as long as you have the basic ingredients - tomatoes, carrots, onions. Yesiree.

So anyway, this is what I put into this soup- Carrots, tomatoes, onions, garlic, corn, wintermelon, red dates AND my secret mushroom powder and some onion salt. heh heh not so secret anymore. (you can get mushroom powder from organic shops). Of course, don't forget to season with the usual normal salt and pepper.

Boil boil boil

I've never cooked with wintermelon before this. Some people say to remove the skin, some people say not too. So anyway, because I dont trust the growers and didnt want to clog up my body with pesticides, I removed the skin. Of course remove the seeds to la.

I like to chop up my ingredients into big irregular chunks. Makes the soup look more homecooked and there's more 'solids' to bite into.

What's your favourite soup? :) Do share!


edwin74 said...

me 2 favourite soups...

1. lengau with peanuts soup, cooked with pork ribs

2. abc soup, with lots of potatoes and carrots... also cook with pork ribs...

actually pork ribs provide more sweetness... but since my home is halal... we have been using chicken lah. If u use pressure cooker style even better.

coffeedreames said...

Ya man. Any soup with pork is yummers!

unfortunately the diet did not allow any pork throughout the whole 7 days - only beef!

ooo i miss the lengau soup. My mom cooks that pretty often.