Monday, July 03, 2006

Lazy weekend

i finally had one of my long desired lazy weekend. Eat, sleep, watch a dvd, eat sleep, bathe, repeat cycle. of course i did a little housework here and there *wink.

but more often than not, i find that when the lazy weekend is coming to an end, it always doesnt leave a good feeling. i get headaches from sleeping too much, resulting in a terrible Sun night sleep, and voila! me driving along the KL roads on a bright, cheery Monday morning, ready to do serious damage to anyone who dares cut my line.

When the weekend is packed with too many activities/chores/responsibilities, i end up complaining that i have simply no time for myself. why must i do this, why must be oblige this person and that etc etc... and yet, when i get a perfectly free, sinfully lazy weekend, i end up not satisfied either. sigh, what a grouch-pot i am.

which is better?

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